French Fashion Show

Salutations à tous nos amis à Kafuro!

Greetings to all our friends in Kafuro! We hope you are well and enjoying your learning at school. In UK schools it is a requirement that the children begin learning another language and at Liss we learn French.

What has this got to do with Uganda, we hear you ask. Well, each year we have a fashion show with a different theme, and this year our theme was African flags. Year 6 children had to come to the show in clothes that represented the colours of an African flag. As you would expect, many children chose to wear red, yellow and black to represent Uganda.  The blue, white and black of Botswana was also very popular.

In the fashion show itself, the children walk along a catwalk, show off their clothes and address the audience (parents) in French. The photos below show the children on the catwalk and singing songs.

We would like to ask our friends in Kafuro the following question. On what occasions are parents invited in to school to watch performances by the children?

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