Hello from Class P.2

Thanks for the information about the work done by the gardening club.

We were happy to here that what you planted after us is ready to be tested by your tongue!!! Well done the Gardening club.

Here in Kafuro, our sweet potatoes are not yet ready for harvesting, and we have not yet even weeded them since we planted them due to too much sunshine which has affected their growth and we think this will affect their production abilities.

Today Yowasi had too much of his UK memories and we had to sing several songs and watched his favorite film ”Narnia”.  It was a wonderful day as he told pupils some English traditional tales on the assembly today morning the story was about ‘Lazy Jack’  This made most pupils laugh and were very happy.

Thanks our friend Yowasi for making our day.

We are looking forward to debating tomorrow.

Greeting from P.2 class

By Molly

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