Answers to Kafuro children’s questions

Greetings to all of our friends at Kafuro. We were very grateful for the answers you gave to our questions and very pleased that you had some questions for us. Here are the answers we have compiled:

What do you have for lunch?

Mimi says: At Liss Junior School we can either have a school made lunch or we can bring in some food from home. If we have a school made lunch we have to order it on a computer (sometimes we forget!). But, if we have a home-made lunch we put it on our class lunch trolley.

Katherine says: Packed lunches (homemade lunches) sometimes when the weather is nice we sometimes get to eat outside. With our friends. Also school dinners get to have an option that if you want to you can have a picnic lunch and you can sit outside with the packed lunches.

Mimi and Katherine say: For school dinners (school made meals) we have 3 options during late autumn until early spring. Then, during late spring until summer holidays, we have 4 options. The 4th option is school made packed lunch for eating outside.

Mr Stanley adds: Children who bring a packed lunch to school will normally include sandwiches, some fruit or vegetables, a bag of crisps and possibly a small bar of chocolate. Those children who eat school dinners will have meals with include pizza; a roast dinner with (Irish) potatoes or pasta. Chicken, pork and beef are the most popular meats, but goat is slowly growing in popularity.

Who is your president in England?

Lily and Scarlett: There is no president in England, because we have the Queen who is still reigning, but she doesn’t have any real power like the Prime Minister. All the Queen can do is sign papers to say that she agrees to place Government policy into law, but she can’t  say no or refuse to sign the papers.

Mr Stanley adds: The Queen is known as a constitutional monarch because although in theory she is in charge of the country, she has no power. She is a figurehead, but cannot tell the government what to do.

When you misbehave at school what does your headteacher do to you?

Freddie and Harrison write: If we are naughty the headteacher will look at us and give us a warning. The next time we misbehave, we are sent out of class for five minutes to think about our behaviour. If we misbehave again we are sent out of class for the rest of the lesson and we have to do a really boring work pack. If we get sent out of class twice in a week we have to have an internal exclusion where we spend a whole morning working outside the headteacher’s office.

Mr Stanley says: The children in Rowan Class are very well behaved so it is very rare that anyone gets into trouble. We like to focus on rewarding children for good work and behaviour. However, children know that if they do misbehave there will be immediate consequences.

Do you have bicycles at home?

Yes, many people have bicycles. Normally, when you get your bicycles you ride on them every day, but when your mum/dad puts the bicycle away in the garage you forget about it for a while and barely use it for a long time.

Mr Stanley says: Lots of children at Liss bring a bike to school and children in Year 6 undergo bicycle training so that they know how to ride safely on our busy roads.

How does your country look like? Is it as green as our country, Uganda?

Brooke and Harriet say:  In England there are some places which are very green and similar to Uganda, but others such as London (our capital city) are very modern and busy. In Liss (where our school is placed) the community is not too busy but it does have an average amount of houses.

Yowasi and Muhudi told us that England is too too cold and it goes beyond freezing temperatures, what do you do to prevent yourselves from dying of too much coldness and ice.

Hamish and Alex say: We are used to the cold but when it is freezing outside we wear thick clothes and coats, gloves, hats and scarves. If some of us don’t have warm clothing, we stay inside and sit by a warm heating machine (or as we call it a radiator) or we light a fire in our fireplace.

Do you pay school fees like us in Uganda? How much if yes?

Jessica and Ellie write: We don’t pay school fees but it is included in the taxes our parents pay. Some schools in England, however, you have to pay for these; they are called private schools. We have to pay for school trips and sometimes we have fund raising events.

Do you know how to use a hoe to dig your gardens? (is it done in the holidays?)

Freyja replies: Some of us know how to use a hoe but not all us do. We use a hoe when our garden needs to be weeded, but sometimes we do it during the holidays.


Please feel free to send us some more questions. The children have enjoyed answering them and will have some more questions for you soon.

p.s. Welcome to Kafuro, Posiano. We look forward to hearing more about you.



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