English tales by Edvin and Didas

This week we were assigned to read English tales to Pupils on the assemblies that we make every day morning.

This has been so for the week. having told stories for the week from Monday to Thursday. I and Didas had to evaluate our efforts in telling English tales.

We read and told stories like Jack the lazy boy,the three sillies, the three little piglets and others.

We asked pupils to re tell the told stories and this would emphasize their understanding of the stories,

The best person to tell tell two of the stories was Cris who had to include all the actions in the told stories, our head boy Denis also did some great work in retelling the stories.

Time for voting reached, what a fantastic story it is!!!! ………  the three little piglets!!!!!

It was the best for our week and it was followed by “Jacky the Lazy boy”

Thanks Adam for selecting all the intersting stories for our school Kafuro.

Next week we shall be discussing and telling about Ugandan traditional stories.

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  1. Kath Miles says:

    Hi Yowasi and all at Kafuro. I am so glad you enjoyed the English tales. Many children here would say that the three little pigs would be their favourite childhood story too. I bet the actions Cris did were great.

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