Very Busy Bees!

Great excitement in Liss Junior School today! Earlier this week, we introduced our first swarm of bees to our beehives. Mr Haycock has been doing a great job of making sure our swarm are getting on ok in their new surroundings. He was very pleasantly surprised when he opened the hive to discover just how happy and busy our bees are!

In only 2 days, the bees have produced masses of perfect hexagonal cells to form honeycomb. Mr Haycock carefully lifted this off the hive and noticed there were also some honey drips. He kindly brought the honeycomb into our class to show us. We could also have a finger-tip taste of the honey, which tasted so delicious as it was so fresh. We are all very excited about what our bees can produce, it really has created such a ‘BUZZ’ around school……!

IMG_9803 IMG_9802

IMG_9807 IMG_9804

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