Studies and research on toothpaste

Our most friendly greetings to all people in Liss Community.
We strongly thank you for all the innovations and the research your are doing especially that you mind much sharing with us in Kafuro Community.
In times when we have no tooth paste, (bearing in mind that teeth looks nice and fresh when cleaned always)
Children in class primary seven shared their experience:-
One Immacukate, “When am caught up by time and am already on way and I remember that I did not brush my teeth, I pick small spear grass, try chewing part to make it soft, then handle the un-chewed part and use it to clean my teeth” she points out
“Apart from making my teeth clean, it adds flavour in my breath and the simple green colour in on her teeth looks nice when she smiles,” added a friend.

“I am Dickson; my teeth needs cleaning every day and sometimes when we do not have toothpaste, I get a small soft stick and chew to soften its end and use it for brushing my teeth. This does not have any smell or flavour in it, but it cleans. This system does not need to be used for the rest of life as it does not guarantee germs out of the process.

“When we have no toothpaste at home, our older sister taught us how to use water and salt in a small soft cloth to clean our teeth. Two pinches of salt are put on a small container and the cloth wetted, then using the salt on the cloth, our teeth are cleaned.”
( photos coming up)

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