General Update from Primary Seven and Six

Well done our friends at Liss Junior School and all people reading our Blog.
Its really amazing that we can summarise our term and general education and activity at Kafuro Primary School.

We returned to school on 19th May 2014, finding the whole school busy, we had to clean the school by slashing and digging around.

It was really impressing that our cook stoves made before we went for our holidays were found in good condition free from community or children inversion that would make the cook stoves destroyed.

As in studying,
Our teacher Mr. Yowasi, Moris and Madam Molly presented a quiz to our class in a debate that opened the end of our new term.
It was a nice looking Picture of an element that Mr. Adam Stanley had posted on our blog page with some questions that were read by one of the members from the Writer’s club.

What do think this is???
The following are some of our answers to the question about the picture that we saw,
Prossy said it was a calculator
Pinah and Denis had the same answer, its a record player.
Robert and Anold thought it was a machine used to play music
Other thought it was a mathematical scientific calculator and other said it was a magic box which is used in betting games.

In other news, the children were very happy to see the pictures of the children demonstrate with the Billy the Banded Mongoose.
It was really nice experience working with Jenni in the way mongooses cooperate to defend them selves in the jungle.

The most important of the game part in cooperation.
With it all is possible.

In class room learning, Primary Six started the term with a new topic that is studied from the environment.
The topic was classification of plants.
In this plants were grouped into flowering and non-flowering this was done with the aid of children going out into the compound to get all kinds of plants as they are in plenty.

In the same topic, we studied about types of germination and had to do it practically as presented in the pictures attached.

More in the news, the entire school turned very happy when Yowasi our linking coordinator announced the coming of our visitor to Uganda from the United Kingdom.
We can not wait meeting Heather, Adam and our good friend Larry the Leopard plus other members.

Hope you enjoy reading our quick update on blog about our term.

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