Cob Oven Cooking

In history, we have been learning about the Saxons. We found out that Saxons had ‘feasts’ and a typical food that would have been available were ‘Oat Cakes’. The Saxons would have had to use fire lit ‘ovens’ to bake their oat cakes. To have a real experience of this, we lit our own Cob Oven and had a go at making Saxon Oat cakes.

Whilst we were outside cooking, we had noticed that the pear trees in our school garden we full of delicious fruit! We harvested the pears and had a go at making them in to pear crumble.

Have a look at our photos. You can see what we thought of our Cob Oven fayre!

With the pears we had found in the garden, we made a pear crumble! Here we are doing our magic in the kitchen;

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