Today class MG discussed wants and needs using UNICEF cards and it all went right.Children were instructed to pile cards into three piles of

a)      Most important

b)     Important

c)      Least important.

Children in class MG did this in an interesting way in their groups of fives.

According to my observation in the children’s selection, there was no any difference from the selection made by children at Kafuro School when Adam Stanley visited Uganda last year in July.

Their most important selection included education, nutritious food, decent shelter, Medical care when you need it and clean water.

This followed a step where pupils where to create an imagination that assuming they live in Kafuro community in Uganda pf which they have seen photos and hed about ,select what could be the most important of the needs for them to have a better living in Uganda.

Most interesting, education took the first priority and other selections had to follow as in the first selection of all the class groups.

Mr. Yowasi had to discuss with the pupils what their responsibilities are when they have received the basic needs;

Here is their response

a)      should make sure that we use the obtained needs responsibly.

b)     do not take the needs for granted and misuse them in any way

c)      pupils and every one should try and obey who ever is providing the needs

d)     share with friends the available resources (this point was related to the world war 2 times when supplies were very law and the little available was rationed for sustainability.

      e) need to conserve the environment since most of the needs come from the environment.

This was a nice follow up of the teaching experience sharing as it started in Uganda with Mr. Stanley’s visit.

From class MG Mr. Yowasi joined the school main hall where the French fashion show was held today.

It was really a nice and well-organized function where most of the pupils had to speak French as if they once lived in France.

The whole day was nice and I thought of the good time I have been having at Liss School and England in general in comparison with the time left to go and felt very bad and at the same time very happy when I remembered that I had to meet my people in Uganda who all miss me very much.

In the after noon, an assembly was held to say good bye to Yowasi who will be flying back to Uganda on Sunday this week.

I lastly thank all the staff and pupils and all stake holders at  Liss Junior school for all the wonderful time we have been together,  I say God bless you for your mercy and add you more time to live.


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