Updates at Kafuro Primary school.

Today Mr. Yowasi, Moris and Siraji carried out discussion with classes primary seven,six and five as a cooperate revision the questions that were sent on the blog from the curriculum of Liss Junior school.(Class AS)

And the following are the answers as raised by the pupils in per specific question:-

1.What do you know about Rivers?                                                   When the children were given this question it was interpreted as facts about rivers and the following are the answers that pupils raised:-

Definition:A river is a natural mass of water that flows in a specific direction.

The longest river in the whole world is the Nile river which has its source in Uganda in specifically Lake Victoria.

The Nile is almost 6650 kilometers

The Nile flows in respect to altitude meaning all rivers follow the altitude since  they do not climb mountains.

Rivers are multi-functional  and serves to save a thousands of millions of lives in the whole world.( Transport, Electricity generation fishing swimming bathing etc)

The Nile flows through countries like Southern Sudan and Sudan plus Egypt where it has helped in maintaining lives of people.

2.What are most important consideration in establishing a settlement?

Good climate,the pupils defined climate as the average weather condition of the atmosphere recorded for a long period of time.  they further explained that climate as the highest influence on man’s activities, for example in Uganda  most of the areas carry out agriculture and they need rain fall to raise what to eat for survival. P.7 had also to specify that  Uganda has two seasons ie wet season and dry season. ‘during the wet season planting and weeding of crops is done and in dry season people harvest their crops.


Fertile land, This point was raised by Nabarungi Rosemary  considering the way of obtaining food in Uganda more especially in Kafuro community where most of the food eaten is got from agriculture as opposed to to the stories from UK where most food is imported and also stored in fridges.

Security and health services: these were discussed as also pillars of living where by most people in Northern  Uganda were disturbed by insecurity by too much was lead by Joseph Kony and his group of LRA hence there living conditions were not as stable as Kafuro now where they enjoy the peace they have.

Market, since man can not produce everything he needs, and consume everything he produces, a market for the produce is needed for example in Kafuro community, Katerera market is important. Its where the community buys supplies that they can not produce and also sell their crops and other produce.Markets are important where by in Kafuro community all the people try to plant Cotton as their main cash crop and they will need a market where they can sell the cotton and raise school fees for their children.

Accessibility, to water in selecting a settlement clean and good water is required. this can serve very many purposes and serve very many functions including domestics. In Uganda, some areas have got clean piped water while others have no piped water. In Kafuro community, Lake Kyamwiga helps people in the area to have water that is used in most homes and the entire community. other sources of water can be rain harvesting and  a spring down the village.

Good road net work is also another factor to consider when selecting a settlement. In here pupils considered most of the roads   that they use for transport and communication. It is also said to be the factor in development of the area.

Landscape: This is the most considerable factor while considering to select a settlement, This was discussed in relation to the factor that had happened in Bududa District in Eastern Uganda where due to topography, the area was hit by landslides and most people who had build their homes in hilly areas, all the areas where covered by land from Mount Elgon due to much rainfall and soft land. This is therefore very important to consider in order to avoid deaths and injuries due to land slides.

Good air to breath, We believe and understand that good and well conserved environment is worth living and good for our health. A point was raised  by one Javira who even thanked their fellows in Liss Junior school who brought up a good point of discussion and further recommended others to join hands in environment conservation in order to have good air to breath and control Global warming to keep the world a better place

Lastly one should consider good social services like schools, hospitals and others.

Special greetings from Pupils of Kafuro Primary school to our friends in Liss Junior School  and UK in general. 



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3 Responses to Updates at Kafuro Primary school.

  1. krorke says:

    Thomas and Harvey did a more detailed piece of work on what they think is important in a settlement, here are their thoughts.

    Hello Kafuro.
    Thomas Gosney and Harvey Keenan here saying what we think is a good place to start a settlement.
    This is what we think.
    We think it needs shops for food and all of the other resources a human being may need like clothes, soap and bricks to build a house.
    Good roads
    We all know how frustrating it is when we are stuck in a traffic jam and we need to be somewhere so it is important that there are enough lanes on the roads to deal with the amount of traffic in the area. It would also be annoying if the roads were really bumpy, so it is also important for the roads to be smooth.
    Being near a forest
    For wood which could be used for weapons, firewood and fuel. It could also be used as a place to hunt animals as loads of animals live in a forest.
    For drinking water for you and maybe pets if you had pets, washing and cleaning clothes.
    This is what we think is important for a settlement.
    Bye bye from Thomas and Harvey.

  2. krorke says:

    KR also enjoyed reading Kafuro Primary School children’s thoughts about rivers and settlements. Some of my children made the following comments about your work.

    Jess and Hattie: A settlement needs people, houses, shops, lots of schools it can have a park or two. And people need a good education and they need electronic stuff including lighting and other things. They would also need clean water to drink and wash.

    Erin: I really enjoyed your post about rivers and settlements.
    What I think is important is a source of water, high ground and a bridging point.

    Thank you for taking the time to think about the issues we are learning about. We hope you are having fun learning your curriculum at the moment.

  3. astanleyadmin says:

    Well done everyone at Kafuro Primary School. You have obviously had a good discussion and come up with some very detailed answers. I will use your answers to make a display at Liss. Some of our pupils will also comment over the next week or so.

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