Studying at Kafuro Primary School

Last week, Primary seven and six classes have been studying about Light energy.
This commenced with a definition to define Light as the form of energy that allows us to see.
God the creator blessed the World with the Sun which is the major source of Light and heat energy. Sources of light are both natural and artificial. For the artificial sources are manmade and include touches, electric bulbs and others. Natural sources include the Sun as the major source, glow worms, stars, volcanic eruptions and others

The students also studied about reflection and refraction of light rays.
Attached are pictures of refraction of different objects in different media

Congratulations to all our counter parts at Liss Junior School for the hard work exhibited in the course of keeping bees. We wholeheartedly thank and congratulate you for the good work exhibited. We really treasure bees and recommend that their importance is very incredible in maintaining the Natural Treasures of the World. Imagine the world without bees; we would miss the sweetest honey they produce in addition to pollination role played by those noble insects.

We are proud of all the activities that the children are getting involved in, replying to the last message about moths.
Moths look like butterflies in here, we commonly know them as ‘Kihugugu’ they are nocturnal (meaning) they move to pollinate flowers at night. In here our classes thought they are hard to trap as most of them are seen at night and only bump into our paraffin candles stopping them from lighting. Some are large and others small.

We are very happy to hear that you have replied our letters. We cannot wait meeting Mr. Adam Stanley and Mrs. Heather Green who will deliver our letters.
Written by Primary Seven and Six assisted by the Writers Club members.

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  1. Rebecca Buckle says:

    Kafuro and Liss, you are an inspiration to us! The information on your blog is a delight to read, and the way you share your learning is showing the rest of the Twinning Project Schools just what can be achieved. At Clanfield we are hoping that with our forthcoming exchange visit we can solve communication problems experienced at Bukorwe, and that we can continue our learning friendship without further interruption. Well done to you all, particularly Mr Stanley, Mrs Green and Yowasi. Mrs Buckle and Miss Hubbard are looking forward to seeing you all in Uganda as we develop the work of the Twinning Project Schools.

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