We are very happy after looking at the pictures of the activities of the good hot temperature.

Your day looked very great in pictures, w e have now to talk about your questions

What fates can we have when we have to do a sports day?

We had a fate last year in our first term and these are some of the activities that we did:-

Carrying and running with a bottle on the head with out touching on it,

Suck running ( we have seen you practiced it) for us we use Sisal sucks and do the same game.

Bottle mouth filling, is a game where one is obliged to fill a bottle of Half a litre with water put in a distance of about 50 metres the first person to feel the bottle is the winner.

Single leg running where the winner has to jump very fast and reach the estimated destination only hoping on one leg.

Hide and seek game where one is tied with a black cloth on the face and finds the others in limited tome. ( is like the eat game)

We also had a game of opposites where one commands (on sea on land) and you move accordingly and failure to comply you are put out side the competition and the winner persist all the conditions

Magic egg breaking is also one of the funny games we practice.


And very many others in the play ground game

We do not practice bicycle racing and baking.

Well done every body for the good participation.

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