Primary Leaving Examinations

It all started with a briefing session at the examination centre where the three schools (Kafuro Primary School, Kirugu Moslem Primary School and Kikumbo Primary School) had to come together. This was followed by the orientation which was mostly general conduct and guidance during the examinations. The children then proceeded with arrangement of seats in the two rooms designed for the examinations following the rules and regulations from Uganda National Examinations Board guidelines book which includes: standard spacing and room quality.
Kafuro Primary School had 20 students in class p 7(Mr Byarunga Yowasi class of which all attended and did their examinations unlike other schools where some students went missing their examinations; for example two students from one of this centre school had went missing for their exams.
Thanks to God and my fellow teachers that we have guided the children and the parents right to help children stay in school in coordination with QEPTP, Liss Junior school, Kafuro children project and others that have led to this noble cause.
We really send special thanks to Liss Junior School in coordination with QEPTP for the text books and other reading materials that have helped our children to gain reading skills this has created hopes of increased better performance in our school. Also to mention is Kafuro Children Project that has supported pupils with scholastics and moral support.
Primary level is considered the longest in Uganda’s education system as it takes 7 years for some body to study from primary 1 to primary 7. It is considered to the foundation of basic education where basic skills are obtained from.
At Kafuro Primary School we have a nursery section which prepares children for primary one (details of Uganda’s education on education in Uganda-wikipedia)
The students at Kafuro had Longley awaited for the day to join secondary and also they have left Kafuro when they still needed to be here but time decided not to allow.
We now expect results to be realised by Uganda National Examination Board late January. Our pupils were confident and we have hopes that they will perform.

At the centre P 7 candidates were accompanied by their class teacher Yowasi and the head teacher Musi Menta Winfred.
Our thanks and gratitude to all who wished our children the best, all who rendered support in all kinds especially teachers all over Uganda and the world, QEPTP-friends, Liss and all others that we are unable to mention now.

Thank you XXX

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