Play ground Games with Class MG and KR’s general presentation

The day started with a wonderful drive with Mr Stanley who played fantastic music of the late from his home in to Liss Junior School.

Yowasi and Ramathan teachers from Uganda who are Visiting UK and are now based at Liss School reached at Liss very early in the morning.

Having signed in, we joined class AS which is Mr Stanley’s class to settle down first.


The day really started with joy when I read on my program  and found out that I was to join class MB to have playground games with class MG and then KR for a general representation.

Class MG was brought in the Main Hall by their  teacher, instructions about the game and basic explanation was done.

Mr Yowasi and Ramathan demonstrated for the children how the game is played and from there the class was splint into four groups of which would  play one against one and the winner in group A would play with winner group B then from which the over all winner and the runners up were to be selected. In the game children had to race around the opposite group with a splint and then return to give it to the another person in their group who would also automatically start to race making sure that his group wins.

The winning group is the one which gets all its people to run and get completed before the other.

The essence of the game is that it promotes team work and cooperation since every body in the team will be working hard to see that his team wins.

The second game was called the round burden game.

In the game children had race around the circle in opposite directions and the first to sit back down in the gap left by the sitting child wins. The loser receives or keeps hold of the burden.At the end of the Game the last person to have the burden is considered as the person to start it next time when the teams are playing again.

Children from class MG were really interested in the game and promised to always play it.

By the time all this was done and completed, it was already time for lunch and Yowasi and Ramathan had to join the Staffroom for their lunch. Yowasi and Ramathan had the best of their lunch with Mr A. Burford the headteacher Liss Junior School.

It was really nice that they had the best of the meal that composed of macrons, cooked carrots,other greens included sliced cucumber. all this was really amazing.

KB also demonstrated two games for us to adopt and take to our children in Uganda.

The games included the bench ball of which both of us tried to play successfully and opposites which was very simple. It involved pupils getting into a single file and then do the opposite of what the instructor/ teacher tells them and try their best quickly and do the opposite  ( for example when told to go right, they quickly go left).



After lunch, Mr Yowasi joined class KR that is linked to class Primary Four at Kafuro Primary School in Uganda for a general presentation.

In the general presentation, Mr.Yowasi looked presented pictures about the animals in Uganda national parks which include the Nile crocodile,climbing lions, elephants and chimpazes at Kyambura Gorge and very many other animals which really amazed children at Liss School.

He later displayed photos showing life at Kafuro School and the community around Kafuro school where our pupils come from.

When children at Liss in class KR were asked to say any thing about how they feel about Kafuro and Uganda in General, they commented that Uganda is green according to the pictures they have seen.

Other said it was very lovely that all the this in it are very local and natural.

Others longed to be in Uganda when they have got a chance to they told Mr Yowasi to try hard and find how they can visit all the green places when they come up in Uganda.

It was really good both of us Ugandan teachers that we saw the sun in UK since we came up on Sunday, This made us get interested and do some sunbathing in the play ground at School. Though it was shining out, the breath and all the air was very cold out side.

It was really bad that we parked every thing to come with, but forgot to park some a full sun that would provide us with total warmth that we need.

The day in school ended like that and Mr Stanley did the best of the driving back home as he does it better, he played the wonderful long time music and we all went home nodding our heads.

Reaching home, remember Tara school coordinator at Hartplain school had booked us to visit her home and have dinner with her family.

She came and picked us from Adam’s home to her family where we met Steve her husband who was doing the cooking and her daughter Jessica who did all the safety belt tightening on every stop over we made while touring around Portsmouth.

After the meal Yowasi was amazed by the very many Guitars Mr Steve had in the his house and he also moved to play some music for the Visitors and also encouraged Yowasi to try which also magically came our very nice and every body thought Yowasi knew how to play a guitar.

After all the entertainment  the two of us were take to the sea to look at the major history of Portsmouth which mainly deals with the Navy and related war in England.

Steve really understood all about the Navy and all the boats used in World War 2 the main one was the the Victory which used to scare the enemies when people sighted in a distance coming  due to its structure and the number of guns it had.

We also looked at the longest tower of Portsmouth and then the lip stick tower and had to drive back to Mr Stanley’s home.


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