Carrots and bedding process

Greetings to all blog readers all over the world. Special greetings to our lovely friends at Liss Junior School.

Thanks for all your care and friendly generosity to our school that has supported our learning. We still thank you for the care about the bad Africell network in our area where our access to internet has been a struggle to load and read our shared learning on blog.

Our Primary seven class has also written to the CEO Africell Uganda to talk about our concern of poor network and its impact on our learning and lack of internet information for our learning.

We were very happy to read about your concern about us in the blog posts on our school assembly thanks for writing the letters to the Africell people.
We have been practicing how to read and write blogs in class once a week.
And all that we would share on the assembly, we would revisit and read other former blogs.

It was bad that in the second month of the term one of our two tablets got a very bad screen crack as primary seven was using it their class during break time.

In two weeks, primary six class has been working on a garden project. This has involved bedding of carrots and watering them with water from Kyamwiga, ( Mr Starnley can tell you more about this lake) . It has been anice experience to see our carrots come out of the soil at the second week as we had lacked enough rain for the carrot seeds to work out properly.

On Friday last week, we practiced our transplanting to the main garden. One piece of small land with around 84 to 96 carrots was assigned to three pupils in our class  meaning we shall take care of it. The care we give to our crops include weeding, watering with water (this is so because its dry in the area yet we expect it to be a wet/rainy season.) Also we have to carry out spacing of the carrot trees and adding in more in case they dry.

We are hoping to send some of our carrots when Mr. Stanley visits in July.
Thanks for taking your time to read our blog.

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