A busy day at Liss

Thanks to Moris and P6 for their post. It is good to know that your bees are doing well although we’re sure you would prefer to have all six hives populated by colonies. Here in Liss, the long cold winter has only just ended and we have unfortunately lost two colonies through the cold weather. However, we checked our third colony (the original) this morning and the bees were very active out foraging for food. The pleasing news is that the weather is finally becoming warmer so we are expecting the colony to thrive and hope that we can take a swarm from the colony to populate a second hive later in the year.

We are also pleased to hear that Community Ranger, Elinah will be taking regular assemblies at Kafuro. Today, our community ranger, Joe took assembly at Liss and told us all about animals in Uganda and the UK. We learned how a female weaver bird can destroy a nest made by her mate with just one snip of her beak if she doesn’t like it.

We also continued building our bottle greenhouse today. Mr Stanley and two pupils turned and raked the soil in the greenhouse and made sure it was level while our site manager, Mr Haycock had a very difficult job trying to fit the door. The problem was that the wood had warped over the winter so poor Mr Haycock had to keep making adjustments. With only half the roof to fit, we are confident that the bottle greenhouse will be finished tomorrow.

Finally, we are able to tell you that our solar panels have now saved three cubic tonnes of carbon dioxide.  We are looking forward to raising the rest of the money required to provide Kafuro with solar panels so that you can use a clean source of energy as well.

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