Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday

Thursday was the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II and to celebrate thousands of beacons were lit across the UK. Liss Junior School had been invited to host the lighting of the beacon and lots of the pupils, their families and local residents turned up on the school field on Thursday evening for the event. At 7.15pm the National Anthem was sung and then a special message to all the participants from Prince Charles was read. At 7.32pm a message came to light the beacon and Yasmin Ball in Class AS performed the ceremonial duty. Everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Queen Elizabeth; the only interruption coming from people laughing at Mr Stanley’s attempts to put out the torch without burning his foot off.

We would like to ask our friends at Kafuro the following questions: Seeing as Queen Elizabeth is head of the Commonwealth and you live on the edge of a park named after her, did you celebrate her birthday? If so, what did you do to celebrate Her Majesty’s special occasion?


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