Not a reading competition, a reading challenge!

Many thanks to all at Kafuro Primary School for your posts. We are really pleased that you are enjoying the reading books that Stu delivered to you earlier this month.

In answer to your question, we do not have a reading competition, but every year we have a reading challenge. This runs between the middle of February and Easter. This year the challenge is called ‘Hop around Hampshire.’ The objective is to read a book associated with a location in Hampshire (The county in which we live). For example, if you go to Hayling Island you have to read a book set by the seaside. If you go to Winchester you have to read a book about a famous person. Each child gets a booklet with the reading locations they have to visit and then writes a review about the books they have read to show their understanding. At the end of the Easter Term there is a big assembly where the children are awarded certificates for their efforts. Maybe in time Kafuro could have a reading challenge as your library grows.


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