More activities to share from Calshot

Greetings to our friends in Kafuro, parents from Liss and all of our readers around the world. Year 6 have completed their second day at Calshot and this blog is going to share some of the activities they have completed.

On their first full day at Calshot, many of the children were awake before 7.00am. The day started with room inspections to make sure the children had left their rooms clean and tidy. After that the children went down to breakfast. Many children went for the option of bacon, sausage, hash brown, scrambled eggs and beans, while others chose cereal.

After breakfast, the children began their activities for the morning. Some groups had skiing activities while others practised their climbing skills on climbing walls. Other groups went out sailing in the Solent. The weather was glorious once again, but the children were very sensible in applying lots of sun cream and drinking large amounts of water.

Lunch was a choice of sausage roll or cheese and potato pasty with either a jacket potato or Cajun wedges. there was also a big choice of salad. Then it was back to activities. In the afternoon this ranged from orienteering and terrific trawling to shooting and archery. Dinner was pasta or hunter’s chicken.

The evening activities saw some groups fire water powered rockets on the beach while others took part in an egg drop challenge.

The long day in hot weather took its toll and many of the children were extremely tired by 8.30pm when the activities finished. Nobody needed any encouragement to go to bed, and by 10.00pm everyone was asleep.

We would like to ask the children at Kafuro Primary School: what activity would you most like to take part in?

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