Ugandan Playground games with Yowasi

Today Class AS had the opportunity to learn some Ugandan playground games with Yowasi. There were two games which he showed us. The first was a relay game with the class split into two teams, reds and blues. The object was to carry a baton in a large figure of eight around the opposite team before passing it onto the next person in the team. The first team to have all their runners complete the circuit were declared the winners. The reds won the first race with the blues winning the second.

The second game was very similar to duck, duck, goose with a child carrying a ball known as ‘the burden’ around the outside of a circle of children. Next they select a child to race against by tapping them with the ball on the head. The children race around the circle in opposite directions and the first to sit back down in the gap left by the sitting child wins. The loser receives or keeps hold of the burden.

We had lots of fun learning with Yowasi and Mr Stanley taught him two games we play using cones.

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