Mr Thembo

We are privileged to have Mr Thembo visiting us at the moment and Year 3 were lucky enough to have him teach a lesson on Wednesday, finishing our unit on Changing communities. Mr Thembo showed the work done by children at Kafuro Primary with Miss Duncan and compared these maps with those drawn by us in our lessons. We then thought about the similarities and differences between the two places and created our own maps of Kafuro with amenities we would add to improve the community.

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Changing Communities: Building in Liss part 5

Preparation for building houses continues apace on the Andlers Wood site. The diggers have been very busy, and large containers are being installed on the site.

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A great debate!

On Thursday, Ash class got into role as Farmers or Rangers of QENP to try to explain why farmers encroaching on National Park land was a positive or negative. They gave great ideas and were very articulate about their reasons, using what they have learnt from looking at maps to support their arguments.

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Which is the real Uganda?

Year 6 have been looking at pictorial evidence to gain a sense of what Uganda is like. Mr Stanley divided each class into two teams and gave each team twenty photos. The team had to write down everything they could see in the photo, give it a title and then write a paragraph stating what they had learned from that photo.

Once the team had finished, they had to write a brief summary explaining what sort of country they thought Uganda was. As you can see below, the answers varied dramatically between each team as Mr Stanley had given 20 rural photos to one team and 20 urban photos to the other.

The answer to the question is that Uganda is both an urban and a rural country with extremely diverse habitats.

Download (DOCX, 12KB)

Download (DOCX, 12KB)

Download (DOCX, 12KB)

Download (DOCX, 12KB)

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Uganda week in Year 3

Ash class began their work this week on ‘Changing communities’ beginning with creating their own communities and justifying why these places are needed. They were very inventive! We then looked at maps of Kampala and Kafuro and identified which jobs people might have, based on the land. We are very excited for Mr Thembo to come and visit!

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