Cake sale raises funds for Kafuro Clean Water Project

This afternoon pupils from Liss organised a cake sale to raise funds for the clean water pipeline into Kafuro Primary School. The children made a range of cakes and even Mr Stanley joined in by making some chocolate brownies and lemon drizzle cake. The cakes sold out very quickly and Mr Stanley was able to bank £80 (400,000UGX) with another £24 (120,000UGX) in change to be added to that amount at a later date.

Many thanks to Jessica, Holly, Chloe, Eleanor, Jake and their families for all the hard work baking to make a difference to lives in Kafuro.

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School Grounds Day 2018

Greetings to all of our friends in Kafuro and also at other UK and Ugandan schools. This afternoon was School Grounds Day at Liss Junior School where the whole school works on various projects. This included:

Putting up lard balls to feed birds.

Planting flowers in the pots around the front and side of the school to make it look beautiful

Refurbishing our minibeast hotel

Cleaning and refurbishing our butterfly houses

Clearing raised beds and planting them with vegetables

Harvesting our rhubarb crop

Clearing litter around the school and gathering wood

Preparing our bottle greenhouse for the new pots with seeds in them

Clearing the main pathway up to our nature area

Clearing the pond in the nature area and cutting back willow.

We were given lots of help by parents who gave up their afternoon to support the children. we were also helped by Joe Williams, a ranger from QECP, who came in on his day off to help the children clean the pond and cut back the willow. Joe is an outstanding example of community engagement by a ranger.

We were all really happy with our new tidy school and we can’t wait for our new crops to grow.


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Clean water project for Kafuro school
Our special greetings to the children at Liss Junior School.
We have always felt proud to speak to you on this blog and receiving your letters is always amazing and strengthens our feeling for you love and care.
Thanks very much always for your kindness and generosity always to have our projects supported.
Our challenge is water. We have always fetched water from lake Kyamwiga, due to limited resources, most children have always drunk the said contaminated lake water directly.
Lake water contain lots of impurities which include fish remains, human remains and wastes and other lots.
This water was sometime back tested for filtration by Life Abundant Africa in 2016. ( Life Abundant Africa is a charity foundation giving aid to children that was founded by Yowasi Byaruhanga and Claire Green helping children to achieve education)
This project considered water filtration for communities as our piped water was not reliable but the water company has at least improved the water now.
This piped water is not very pure for drinking but it is very far far better that lake kyamwiga water which contains lots of impurities tap water here is sometimes treated 74 % making it far safer for use and when boiled it will not change the color like what Kyamwiga lake water would do, this same water have caused lots of water bone diseases and more to that it has claimed lots of lives of people in the community as even crocodiles are in the water and other aquatic lives.
In this regard, Clean water project for Kafuro is here to solve the challenge in our school as for the first time in history, Kafuro Primary School will have piped water.
This will reduce the rate at which Kyamwiga lake water is being drunk and this automatically reduces the water bone diseases, deaths by children going to fetch water and even deaths by animal and snake attacks on the community population.
Having piped water in Kafuro Primary school will help us to save more study time, this is because all the water used in school is fetched by pupils. This ranges from water to reduce dust in classes as they are not cemented to water used for cooking for staff.
Having realized the challenge as one of the causes of poverty, school drop outs and even late coming to school and other discontentment of both children and all people in the community.
Having observed and understood the challenge, Yowasi spoke to the community leaders and advised them to keep the community encouraged to boil the water they tend to use and filter as much as they can.
In setting a permanent solution, Liss junior school was contacted through Adam and the Head teacher ( great leader)
All the community of Kafuro was very much excited to hear about Liss Junior school Accepting to help to solve this challenge.
immediately a meeting with school committees was held to identify who does what, authorities from National water and Sew erage cooperation were invited. They did specify the bills of quantities basing on the distance. This was reduced as the guardians and community leaders suggested to dig the trenches of pipe and then lay the pipes and again cover the pipes.
An idea was raised to put a sign post showing “CLEAN WATER PROJECT DONATED BY LISS JUNIOR SCHOOL” Or any other right suggestion by the children of Liss Junior school as this is a generous project to their friend in Kafuro Primary School.
The national water and sewerage cooperation offer to the school was geared by the invitation to the meeting that they realized the need for water by Kafuro Primary school and they did mention that it is short to consider.
They mention that it expires in Mid May 2018.
We thank you especially the children at Liss Junior School, great special thanks to the headteacher for the super quality leadership and generosity to Kafuro Primary School, all the staff for your time and generosity and time, Adam we can not thank you enough for your super links,
The parents at Liss Junior School we value you loads and every one reading this blog and can specifically appreciate that water in life, feel very free to join the cause to fundraise money through Liss and contact Adam Stanley for more details on helping.
Water is life. Thanks for caring about our lives and health.

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African-style shopping bags

In art, Year 6 children at Liss have been creating their own African-style shopping bags. they looked at a range of African art and patterns before experimenting with their own patterns and creating tiles with which to print. The children then chose colours which they felt represented the vibrancy of Africa.  Some of the best designs are picured below.

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Carrots and bedding process

Greetings to all blog readers all over the world. Special greetings to our lovely friends at Liss Junior School.

Thanks for all your care and friendly generosity to our school that has supported our learning. We still thank you for the care about the bad Africell network in our area where our access to internet has been a struggle to load and read our shared learning on blog.

Our Primary seven class has also written to the CEO Africell Uganda to talk about our concern of poor network and its impact on our learning and lack of internet information for our learning.

We were very happy to read about your concern about us in the blog posts on our school assembly thanks for writing the letters to the Africell people.
We have been practicing how to read and write blogs in class once a week.
And all that we would share on the assembly, we would revisit and read other former blogs.

It was bad that in the second month of the term one of our two tablets got a very bad screen crack as primary seven was using it their class during break time.

In two weeks, primary six class has been working on a garden project. This has involved bedding of carrots and watering them with water from Kyamwiga, ( Mr Starnley can tell you more about this lake) . It has been anice experience to see our carrots come out of the soil at the second week as we had lacked enough rain for the carrot seeds to work out properly.

On Friday last week, we practiced our transplanting to the main garden. One piece of small land with around 84 to 96 carrots was assigned to three pupils in our class  meaning we shall take care of it. The care we give to our crops include weeding, watering with water (this is so because its dry in the area yet we expect it to be a wet/rainy season.) Also we have to carry out spacing of the carrot trees and adding in more in case they dry.

We are hoping to send some of our carrots when Mr. Stanley visits in July.
Thanks for taking your time to read our blog.

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