Leitmotifs for Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses

Following on from our work earlier in the term where we looked at the leitmotifs of the Roman Gods as composed by Holst, we used this as inspiration for creating our own leitmotifs for an Ancient Greek god or goddess. The five groups chose one of the following:

Hermes, the messenger god

Aphrodite, the goddess of love

Hestia, the goddess of the household

Athena, the goddess of wisdom

Ares, the god of war.

Each group composed and refined a leitmotif over a number of weeks. Below is a film of the children playing their composition along with a paragraph explaining their choice of instruments.

Hermes, the messenger God

For Hermes the messenger God’s leitmotif we used a triangle, a cow bell, 2 xylophones, a tambourine, and a wooden instrument that you hit with a beater. We chose these instruments because Hermes is supposed to be a very quick God who is light on his feet. He also likes to play tricks on people. The triangle and the xylophones sounded quite high which is good as it shows he is light on his feet. The instrument that Briony used helped us to keep the beat and the tambourine and cow bell sounded quite fast and quick.

Hestia, the goddess of the home

 The instruments we chose to play our piece of music to Hestia were: the piano, 2 drums, 2 triangles and 2 maracas. We chose the piano because it gives a soft sound and makes the audience fell as if they were at home. The 2 drums provided a soft, steady beat for our piece of music. The triangles made a bell sound that was very calm. Finally the maracas brought the happiness of the home into our music. We wanted the listener to feel as if they were at home.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love

We chose a xylophone because it sounded nice and quite like love. Two triangles because they sound like love.

A keyboard because it makes a good steady beat for our piece of music, the small cymbals because they sound sweet. We are trying to make the person who is listening to our music, feel like love was in the air, like on a wedding day.

We chose this music because we want people to see that love is a good thing and love is not just sending gifts it also can be music.


Ares, God of War

 We chose the keyboard because if you get it in the right setting and it gives a war like sound same with the guitar. The guitar is a great sound of the echo of the screaming soldiers. Next the instrument that is like a xylophone because it was excellent for also the screaming soldiers. Also the cow bell, it gives a brilliant sound for the start and the end of war. The drum has a nice low, loud sound for the music.  Last the afuche was awesome at keeping in time with all the other instruments. All in all it is more than brilliant piece of music.        



Athena, The Goddess of Wisdom

The instruments we chose were: keyboard, afuche and two xylophones. We chose the keyboard because it is calm and is a good base instrument it also helps keep all the other instruments in time. We chose the Afuche because it keeps the beat consistent through out the music. We decided to have two xylophones because they also have a calm sound.


We would like our friends at Kafuro Primary School to listen to our compositions and comment on them. How would you create music to represent a god or goddess?



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