Molly’s first day at Liss Junior School

It has been a busy and successful day for Molly at Liss Junior School. Mr Stanley picked her up from Mrs Buckle’s house early this morning and drove her to the school. After a quick tour of the school, Molly prepared for today’s lessons. She was visiting NL, BM and DC in the Lower School to talk about Uganda, tell a traditional story and teach the children how to count in Runyankore Rukiga. There would also be a visit to KB in the afternoon for a lesson about Mongooses with Mr Stanley and more counting instruction.

Before this happened Molly accompanied the school to assembly where she was introduced to all of the children. Then it was off to classes. What was noticeable in all the lessons was how much the children enjoyed learning another language and identified the patterns of the numbers. The children also enjoyed asking Molly about Uganda and hearing about how parrots got their red tails.

At lunchtime Molly got to experience a wii fit before more lessons in the afternoon. After school Molly attended our staff meeting where the Liss staff planned how they will put into action the children’s plans for developing the school grounds. we were fortunate to be joined by Steve Peach and Louise Arthur who contributed some fabulous ideas. We have identified March 12th as the day when we will mirror our friends at Kafuro and clear up the school site as a whole school community.

Tomorrow Molly will be showing the children some playground games and going horse riding (only celebrities do this in Uganda!)

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