Response to Liss World Book Day news

Well done all friends for having been keen on updating the blog.
Here at Kafuro we have had very busy moments as we have been receiving our visitor from the team which came over from the twinning project. Thank you very much for all the efforts put in the wonderful work of sending books for the development of a library at Kafuro Primary School. This was has been credited as one of the best ideas in the education system and it follow the ideas that at the wholesome learning of the children.

Today, Class P7 had a library period on the time table (as library has been included on the time table since the school has got some books which help children in reading) they had to go and borrow some books from the library.
By the time the period of 80 minutes ended, children with books headed “Ben 10” had recommended the story books to have nice written letters and most important easy to read with nice illustrations and legible lettering

It was quite a good reading period and tomorrow class P7 are having reading competitions and the class will announce the best reader of the day.
They have taken the borrowed books for more practice at home to prepare for tomorrow’s event.

More updates of the reading competition to follow with the pictures of children in action.

In other classes the reading of the story books has proceeded and teachers will be blogging about what goes on.

Hope you enjoy reading this post.

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