Non – Chronological reports: Jasmine

Non-chronological report about Elephants


Elephants are the largest animals in the animal kingdom. With their muscly body they can weigh up to 6048 kg. Their trunks have 150000 muscles and no bones. Therefore it can carry up to four gallons of water.


During the dry season Elephants use their large ears to fan themselves. They also use their trunks to gather water, to spay to relieve themselves from the sun.

Unlike most animals, elephants have a long memory span, therefore when they’re on the move they can remember where lakes and water holes are. Their brain is the largest out of the mammals weighing 26 kg this means they are very intelligent.

Elephants are very good at swimming, they use their trunks as a snorkel (it helps them keep cool in the dry season).


Elephants eat large quantities of vegetation; they take up nearly 18 hours a day eating. Elephants use their long and flexible trunks to pluck up leaves and their tusks to tear branches which causes enormous damage.

They mostly eat: small plants, bushes, fruits, twigs, roots and tree bark. However they prefer to eat tree bark as they like the texture.


Male elephants are at their mostfertile between the ages of 25-45. Normally females give birth to one calve as it takes nearly two years to give birth.

Elephants are gentle but can be harmful when they want to. There are three different species including: Bush elephants, Forest elephants and Asian elephants.








Animal kingdom- all the species of animals.

Calves- baby Elephants.

Fertile- ready to mate.

Mammals- warm blooded.

Relieve- take away pressure.

Texture- the feel of something.

Vegetation- growing plants.

Water holes- deep holes full of water.

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