Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we have been rounding off our story writing unit of work in literacy with writing alternative versions of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. The children had 45 minutes to plan and write their version of the story. Can you spot any powerful verbs they have used?

Here is Oliver’s tale.

Jack and the Christmas Tree




Once there lived a foolish boy names Jack. One day Jack went to the market of Twinkleville where there is not festive cheer. When he arrived a white bearded man plodded over to Jack and whispered softly “I’ll trade this magic pine cone for your cow.”

Jack yelled “Allright!” so they did.


Meanwhile Jack arrived home from a five mile sprint, Mum shouted to Jack “Where is the cow?”

He replied excitedly “I traded it for this pine cone!” Mum chucked it out of the window and sent Jack to his room.


The next morning Jack looked out of his window and the most amazing thing had happened….. The pine cone had grown into a massive Christmas tree! Jack climbed up the Christmas tree. Jack spotted a twinkling light which was trapped in a huge metal safe, guarded by a giant.


Jack saw a glint of a golden key and swiped it from the sleeping gaint. Jack unlocked the safe with a deafening creak and the giant woke from his slumber. Jack sped down the tree with the giant lumbering behind. Jack called, “Cut!” and the giant fell and died. Then the star flew over the village and dropped money everywhere.


Here is Maddy’s tale.

Jack and the Strawberry Plant




Once upon a time there was a weak old lady and her son Jack. One day his mother said, “Go sell the sheep at the market.” Jack sadly walked out of the house.


For a while he and the sheep stumbled across rocky roads. When a lady jumped out and said, “Please give me your sheep and I will give you these magic strawberry seeds, that is all I have.”

Jack hesitated and said doubtfully, “Ok.”


His mother was furious so furious she threw the seeds out of the window. Jack tried to argue but she would not listen suddenly! the ground started to tremble when the strawberry plant started to burst up out of the ground. Jack started to climb up the strawberry plant with many trips and stumbles but at last he made it. He saw from out of the corner of his eyes he saw a chest.


Suddenly! A huge giant appeared from out of nowhere he grabbed the chest and fled he quickly shot down the strawberry plant cut it down.


They opened the chest and there was a pile of gold and when Jack took a piece out another piece reappeared and then they were rich and they lived happily ever after. The end.




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