Conservation Reports

One of the things that Mr Stanley became very aware of during his trip to Uganda was how well Ugandans conserve their resources. With this in mind Class AS carried out a survey of the school and produced a list of conservation problems and possible solutions. Following this, the children worked in pairs to produce a written report. Here is Archie S’ and Hannah’s

I can write a report

One week ago class AS went around the school looking for areas in the school where things go to waste. Here is a list of some of the things that are wasted and potential solutions.

1)      Electricity

Problem: Lots of the things around the school that use electricity; for example the lights, projectors and computers are being left on when they could be of be off.

Solution: There should be an electricity monitor that at lunch and at home times  goes around and turns off projectors, computers and lights.

2)      Board pens

Problem: Lots of board pens are being wasted because people are using them at wet day play and leaving the lids off them. Therefore the pen has to be put in the bin.

Solution: Instead you can have the teacher in reach of them so the children can not use them for fun but just for being used in lessons. Also to make them not run out so quickly, lids should be placed on the pen when they are being used. When a teacher is explaining something children can put the lid on it and keep the lids so if someone loses the lid there are some spare.

3)      Paper towels

Problem: People are wasting paper towels by taking 10 towels at a time and only using about 2 so it is wasting them.


Solution: People should only take a couple at a time.


4)      Glue


Problem: people are wasting glue by putting it randomly all over the page.


Solution: Everybody needs talking to about how to use a glue stick and if people are still not using them properly they need training.


5)      Paper


Problem: the problem with the paper is that children through away plain paper in the bin instead of in the scrap paper drawer  and at wet day play they use plain. Children use the printer and print loads of copies.


Solution: Have a scrap paper draw in each class. Have a charter so children and teachers have a limit of the printers.


If the school stops wasting resources then it will be a better place and more money will be available.

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  1. yowasi says:

    Real best and reproductive blogs for your class.

    Congratulations Adam and Class AS

    I understand and appreciate that you are to produce responsible World people

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