Conservation Reports – Tom & James

Lo:- I can produce a report


Class AS have been investigating school to find things that are wasted and find solutions too.


  1. Paper Waste.

Problem: Teachers and students are throwing paper that could still be used away. Additionally students are using plain A4 paper at wet day play.

Solution: to introduce scrap paper trays to stop students using plain A4 paper. Once people have used paper, if it has more space on it they should put it in the scrap paper tray to be used again.

  1. Electricity.

Problem: Teachers at break, lunch and after school are leaving the projectors on. Down the corridor after school the computers are being left on.

Solution: Have ‘eco monitors’  who would turn the computers off at the end of the day and teachers should be fined 10p if they don’t turn their projectors off when they don’t need them on.

  1. Ink.

Problem: Teachers and students keep forgetting to put the lids back on the whiteboard pens which dry the pens out.

Solution: New rule; names go on the board, for the pupils and for the teachers 10p fine.

  1. Glue.

Problem: Teachers and students use the glue and don’t put the lid back on it so it dry’s out within 0.75 hours. Also, students put to much glue on the back of the paper.

Solution: Pupils to have a glue stick each and once it’s gone it’s gone.

  1. Water.

Problem: Students hold down the buttons on the water fountains and not drink or fill their bottles up so it either goes down the drain or on the ground.

Solution: Each student to help pay for the water he/she wastes. Therefore the school can save money as well.

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