Conservation Reports – Kayleigh & Andrew

I can produce a report

 Class AS went around the school to see if there was anything to make the school more eco-friendly. They made the following recommendations:

  1. Computers left on.

    Problem: Computers are left on all the time,like after school and during lunch time. Some people do not log off the computers properly and turn them on and off which is wasting electricity.

    Solution: Firstly, turn of the computers at lunch break time and after everybody has gone home. Secondly, teach the children to turn the computers of at the wall after lessons. Also get monitors to go around the school and turn them of at the end of school.

  2. Paper towels

    Problem: In art people are taking big chunks of paper towels, about 20 in a wedge, and only using the first 2, then chucking them all in the bin. Some people just take 2or3 out and then put them in the bin, with no use at all.

    Solution: Firstly make sure people only take as much as they need. If they take more than lend them the paper towels, or put them by the sink, not in the bin

  3. Lights left on

    Problem: The lights are left when nobody is in the classroom, so it wastes electricity. Too many lights in the corridor are left on.

    Solution: Firstly, when people go out of the classroom remember to turn off the lights. Secondly, turn off all the once the school is empty.

  4. Soap wasted

    Problem: When people go to the toilet they waste the soap by, putting it down the sink and by putting it down the toilet, they also put it up the mirrors.

    Solution: Firstly, put a soap dispenser in the toilet, and training people to use the soap probably.

  5. Wasting paper

    Problem: Children are using plain paper to draw on in wet day play. Children and teachers also print more things than needed and then just put it in the bin.

    Solution: Put a scrap paper tray in every classroom, and keep an eye on what the children use to draw on. Put a limit on how much people can print.

    If this could be put through it would make a huge difference to the school.

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