Work gets underway on the cob oven area

Greetings to all of our friends at Kafuro Primary School. We hope that you are enjoying the last weeks of your holiday and a re looking forward to the new academic year once the Ugandan Presidential Elections are completed.

Here at Liss we are approaching the end of a half term and next week is a holiday. We have had an exciting development with our cob oven area as we have now raised enough money to be able to level the surface and prepare the area so it is better for supporting the children’s learning. A company called Outdoor Places is responsible for carrying out the work and they have already leveled out a lot of the ground. They will be laying astroturf and building seating around the edge of the area, so that whole class cooking lessons will be far more comfortable.

Here are the first couple of photos. More will be added when the work is complete at the end of the week.


2016-02-11 16.42.54

Cementing the concrete edging in place

Thursday update: Today the workmen have been laying concrete edging around the outside of the cob oven area and backfilling uneven ground so that it is now close to level. Tomorrow should see a transformation as the astroturf is laid.


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