Harvesting our fruit

Greeting to our friends in Kafuro. We hope that you are enjoying your third term and we look forward to hearing about your learning.

As the autumn season begins, we have been harvesting the fruit grown on the school site and preparing for winter. Pupils from Years 5 & 6 have been picking apples and pears with parent helpers and we have launched a competition for families to bake dishes using the fruits. The families will bring in what they have made and there will be a prize for the best looking dish. All the entries will be sold to raise money for the school. This ensures that none of the fruit goes to waste.

The pupils have also been clearing up the garden area and renewing the flower pots around the side of the school.  A local garden centre, Hilliers, have very generously donated bags of compost and bulbs to enable us to freshen up the pots and to ensure that we will have more lovely flowers in the spring.

We would like to ask our friends in Kafuro what they have been doing with the fruits around their school grounds and how they are looking after the school environment?



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