Conservation our concern.


Last weekend was not as other weekend we used to enjoy by telling the good news of how our families and parents and guardians cared for us as we are used to work very herd during weekends.

We returned to school from our weekend to find as we always make tour around our compound to check weather our trees and the general compound is in good conditions, to find out most of our fruit trees were already destroyed by the school neighbour’s  goat and other animals which came in the school compound as our watchman was away from work since he does not work during day time.

It was very touching that our most favourite trees are destroyed by reckless individual who did not care for their animals which ended up destroying our trees which we had hopes thought in the time to come we shall have fruits from them.

As the conservation club of Kafuro Primary school, we have decided to at least make some fencing around trees and protect them from further damage.

Conservation our concern

By the Conservation Club-Kafuro PS



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