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Thanks to all the teachers and the entire staff at Liss Junior School.
Hope all your cooking session went on well.
I will be posting over more of the answers when I get back to Uganda that will be from the children themselves as they have always done to their counterparts in England.
About breadmaking at Kafuro Primary School. It is also a topic in Primary Six and Five to study baking.
This is done with a mind thinking about what type of bread one needs. If it was a cake like bread different ingredients would be used, and if it was another it also have its own ingredients.
For bread to be made here at our school, the children get a practical lesson having studied the terminologies used in bread making and also making some sentences using the vocabulary that they will have learnt like Dough, Icing Sugar, yeast and others.
Hope to be giving more highlights when I meet the children back in Uganda to get their ideas and what they think.

On our visit.
Thanks to the entire team for welcoming us here in England, many thanks to the British Council for the funding of our trip that is aimed at exchanging learning and culture plus other values for the children to benefit and understand each other very well to promote international cooperation.

It was really great meeting up with the team at Queen Elizabeth Country park to have had a walk around the park and got to appreciate the nature of the park.
The park is more of a forest and Yowasi realised it is very good for other projects in addition to what is existing that is keeping of bees. Steve the park leader agreed that he can plan to find the hives and have them installed at the park space.
Also in today’s interesting points was about meeting all the team from the park including all the teachers from all the Twinned schools.

It was really a nice catch up. But to other discoveries, last Friday, we had a walk around Petersfield lake. It was all icy that even stones could roll on top of the temperature iced water. We left Uganda when it was 30 Degrees Celsius of temperature and reached up here and found it was negative five degrees Celsius. Jackets and jumpers plus closed shoes are more important this time.

More of the planned activities will be on as Monday, we shall be in schools.
Can not wait meeting all the school staff and the lovely children.

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