Finding solutions for issues at Katunguru Primary School

In our geography topic, we have been looking at how we can problem solve issues that affect different communities. Mr Stanley gave Rowan Class a scenario based on his first visit to Katunguru Primary School in 2012. Since that time, much has changed at the school but a couple of issues  are still relevant. The scenario is outlined below:

Katunguru Primary School is located near to the main road that runs to Kyambura. The community is based here as it is close to a nearby lake, a plentiful source of fish. Most of the families fish for a living although there are many orphans at the school.

Katunguru appears to have the following issues:

  • Animals routinely wander onto the school grounds destroying vegetation and posing a threat to the community.
  • Building a fence to keep the animals out is not an option as there are high levels of theft in the area.
  • Relations between the community and the National Park are difficult as the community want to get rid of the animals by killing them while the UWA (Ugandan Wildlife Association) wants to protect them.
  • Desks in the school are stolen as the community needs firewood.
  • Trees that are planted are chopped down by the community for firewood.
  • There is no night time security at the school as no one is willing to pay for it.
  • Although there is electricity close at hand, the school does not have access to it.
  • There is a water tank nearby, but the tap has been damaged so the community cannot get water without going to the lake.
  • The school is seen as being at the heart of the community and its importance is recognised.

Working together in small groups can you come up with some suggestions to improve matters for the community and school at Katunguru. Write this as a report with recommendations at the end.

The children worked very hard to come up with some solutions. Here is Amelia’s:

The main danger at the school is animals! The reason for this is because, animals like to graze and can break through walls. They cause great danger to the children at Katunguru Primary School.

We should dig a hole around the school field to prevent animals from getting to close. Hopefully, the animals will see the ditch and not come any closer to the school. They can get children’s parents to help for children’s safety, and the rangers can help because they don’t want the animals to die, so they would help them.

Instead of getting glass for windows, they could use bamboo and banana leaves as blinds. Using bamboo will make it stronger and hold them up. Banana leaves can be used to fill in the gaps and then fill the holes in the walls with the blinds.

The school can try to get from their twinning school, so that they can get bees. There are two ways that bees help. One of them is to scare away animals, and the second one is that they produce honey which they school can sell to get their money back! And a final one is that the bees can be a good topic for the children at the school.

We would like to know what the children at Kafuro and Katunguru would recommend in order to safely keep animals off school land


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