Warm greetings to Kafuro Primary School

Happy New Year to all our friends at Kafuro Primary School as we are aware that you returned to school on Monday for your new academic year. We look forward to hearing about your learning throughout the coming months.

At Liss today the weather is very cold and there have been a few snow flurries although not thick enough for snow to settle on the ground. Year 6 are currently studying Uganda and have been looking at the differences between rural and urban Uganda. We looked at twenty photos that Mr Stanley had taken of rural Uganda and compared these with twenty photos he had taken of urban Uganda. The children could find many similarities between Kampala and London, and were also able to draw some similarities between rural Uganda and rural Hampshire. The children identified rolling fields and the growing of a variety of crops as being very similar to the UK. They were also surprised at how green Uganda appeared to be as many of the children thought that Uganda was much hotter and dryer than the UK.

In the coming weeks, Year 6 will be coming up with solutions for the problems with wild animals at Katunguru Primary School (we also plan to share this with the Katunguru students) and carrying out a detailed weather comparison between Kafuro and Liss.

Mr Stanley will be visiting Kafuro again at the end of July and he will be discussing with Yowasi what learning will take place while he is in Uganda. He has plans to teach Kafuro children how to play chess, write a film review and carry out more cooking in a cob oven. He is also hoping to connect your weather station to the internet so that Yowasi won’t have to take a photo of the console every day.

The Year 6 children are very excited that their friends are back at school and had some questions they would like P6 and P7 children to answer.

What time do children in P6 & P7 normally go to bed in the evening?

Is it exciting having dangerous animals near your school grounds? Do you get scared if a lion is close?

Describe what your house looks like for someone who has never seen it?

Who is responsible for fetching water when you are at school?

How do Kafuro children spend their spare time if they get any spare time?

Do you have to buy school uniform or is it provided free of charge?

What time does school start in the morning?

Apart from football, what other games are popular?

What would you do if an elephant wandered on to the school grounds?

On a typical school day, what things do you learn?

How long does it take to walk to school in the morning? What is the furthest distance a Kafuro pupil has to travel to school?

Is it strange not having glass in your windows?

Has a child ever been hurt by an animal at Kafuro?

Do you ever get cold at Kafuro?

What jobs do you have to do at home before you go to school?

How many pupils are currently at Kafuro?

How does the poor state of some buildings affect your learning?

We look forward to reading your answers and hope that you have some questions for Year 6 to answer as well.


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