Uganda 2015 prologue – Larry the Leopard speaks

Larry the Leopard today

Larry the Leopard today

Agandi to all my friends in Uganda and a big ‘Hello’ to my adoring public elsewhere in the world. It’s less than 48 hours until my return to my spiritual homeland of Uganda – the pearl of Africa. I will be accompanied by Mrs Green and (unfortunately) Mr Stanley whose idiocy knows no limits. He managed to leave me at home and only remembered once he had driven off. It’s just as well he did otherwise they wouldn’t let him enter Uganda without me.

Anyway, what have we got planned for this trip. Well we’re flying via Cairo to Entebbe which we should reach in the early hours of Tuesday morning. From there we will be driving all the way from Entebbe to Mweya in a car that Mr Stanley has hired. The idea is to make sure we’re clear of Kampala before sunrise, so that we can reach Fort Portal by 10.00am. There we will change money and top up phones and internet so I can carry on blogging. We should reach Mweya by mid afternoon.

From Wednesday – Friday  we will be visiting Kafuro. There are three main jobs that Mr Stanley and Mrs Green have to carry out. Firstly, they have to set up a weather station so that the two schools can swap data. This can then be used for maths and science lessons to compare the weather in the two countries.

Secondly, Mr Stanley and Mrs Green are going to be trying to cook some European recipes on a clean cook stove at Kafuro. Mr Stanley managed to cook several pizzas (without poisoning anyone) in the cob oven at Liss the other night.

Mr Stanley with a pizza

Mr Stanley with a pizza

The final task for Mr Stanley and Mrs Green is to attend the opening of the Cultural Museum at Kafuro. This will inform the transition unit at Liss in September when the new academic year gets underway. As well as this we will be visiting all the other twinning project schools as well as meeting with park rangers and helping to clean up Katunguru.

I have the special job of looking after the weather station, the tablet computers and all of the letters and photos Mr Stanley & Mrs Green are taking out with them. I’m looking forward to a rapturous welcome from Yowasi and all the children.

Mr Stanley and Mrs Green will be blogging every day from Tuesday onwards and no doubt I will put my paws to the keyboard and tell things as they really are! Mr Stanley has asked me to remind children and parents at Liss there is a special competition for the best question asked while we are out in Uganda. Stay tuned folks!

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  1. Caroline Pritchard says:

    That pizza looks delicious! Have a great time in Uganda, look forward to reading all the posts.

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