School Field We Would Like.

This week children from Primary Six and other two lower classes (as P7 is too busy to participate) came out through their school projects teacher to wriote the second letter to the headteacher to request her again for the school garden to be turned into a school play ground as they had highlighted in the first letter the long distances taken to reach the sub-county football pitch for their occasional games .

This is so as the first letter gained no reply as the she had to also contact other administrators.
For this, we expect the answer before the term ends.

On other fields as suggested by all pupils, we look at all proposals being very good and separate as one does not stop another since they do not require more money
Primary Seven students have promised to keep in touch when they finish their exams to have all the stated proposals achieved.

The castle that Adam and Heather with children and parents built had received some materials inside for children to understand what materials people  used long ago.
The candidates will be making beds and cooking areas after their exams (from their promise)
More flowers will be planted durimg the next rain season as all plans have been drawn by children and spaces identified.
Thanks very much friends at Liss for putting the skill you learnt into practice.
Our castle is also good to look at and more photos will be coming up.

Hope your studies and teaching goes on well.
All the best wishes.

Ashaba Moris

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