It began with a briefing moment at the centre of examination {Kirugu Primary School} on Friday 2nd Nov. 2012. As for the long awaited time had reached for the candidates at Kafuro Primary School to sit their final examinations for leaving primary and join secondary schools for their second step in education.

This is commonly known as the summary of the seven years of study.


After some words of encouragement and emphasizing the Dos and the Don’ts as teachers have always done to their pupils as in guidance and counselling in both class and outside the classroom, but particularly for examinations now!!!!

We organized with our pupils where they had to sit during their examination time on Monday.

We {Yowasi and Boaz our head teacher} finally met them on Saturday at our school for more organizing about meals and material check up to make sure that they are totally ready for their examinations.

H/M and class teacher meets candidates on Saturday. Examinations {P.L.E = Primary Leaving Examinations are prepared by UNEB= Uganda National Examination Board} were due Monday 4th Nov. and 5th Nov.2012.

My class P.7 had to walk up in the morning to make sure that they reach at the centre (5 km away from Kafuro school} in time to avoid any inconveniences.

Led by the Head boy(aka Ashley Young), Candidates walk to the centre for their Examinations through a muddy road..

Despite the heavy rains that had rained late in the evening of yesterday {Sunday}, we managed to reach the place at 7:34 am Ugandan time, we had to put all that we had in our hands to the formally organized place for our lunch preparation as we had carried with us green Bananas and beans for our lunch.

Candidates and Yowasi at the examination centre.

We were welcomed by the head teacher at the centre and were introduced to the UNEB scout {One in-charge of proper exam progress by avoiding any kind of Malpractices}


The exams started at exactly 9:10 am since we were delayed by 10 minutes due to poor roads and heavy rains.


AS per the time table

We started with Mathematics in the morning,

Did Social Studies in the evening



Came next day for Science in the morning on Tuesday 5th Nov.

We did English in the evening and completed our exams since we only do four papers at the end of our seven years of study.


All examination duration is 2 hours and 15 minutes a part from Mathematics which take a duration of 2hrs and 30 min.


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