Having closed for the year’s long holiday that took almost two full months, Kafuro Primary School reopened on 4th Feb.2013.

This was so to all government and private schools in Uganda since it was the general official opening date.

Children and staff as usual reached school early morning very eager to see each for they had spent long time meeting each other.

An assembly was held where everybody was welcomed to feel at home.

On the assembly, Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi who is the class teacher P.7 discussed with the whole school about the results of his last year’s class.

He mentioned that 2012 class P7 had performed as follows:

We had one first grade, 15 second grades, and 05 third. We had registered 21 students for the year 2012.

On the same assembly, the school coordinator showed the assembly conditions and news about how our friends in Liss had experienced too much snow as they were blogged by Adam Stanley on class AS’ blog.

The children then answered the questions sent by Adam on class As blog. Snow is always observed on the top of Mount Rwenzori on Clear days.

As opposed to our counter parts in the UK who were clearing snow from the compound and the entire area, from our long holiday, we found the school very bushy and had to prepare for its clearing on Wednesday.

The obtained grass will serve as mulches for our school vegetables garden.

And for our new class P7, they have started their new class with Letters as their first topic.

They have learnt vocabulary (address, envelope, salutation, post, post office, date, conclusion etc) and they have practiced writing letters.

Of all learners, Didus wrote the best of the friendly letter.

P7 class is now set to begin on official letter writing next week.

Exercise for class AS

Write a letter to the Head teacher of a certain high school in your country requesting him/her for a vacancy and indicate all the necessary information about your self.( Mr. Stanley is requested to convert everything into a pdf and e-mail all. Or suggest any other better way how this information can be sent properly)

Teacher Yowasi also takes one subject in teacher Moris’ class.

In science, P6 class has started with classification of vertebrates and invertebrates.

And they have asked Mr. Adam Stanley to assist class MG through their teacher to answer the following questions. ( answers to be compared with our pupils’)

a)  What are vertebrates?

b) Mention any examples of vertebrates

c)   Define what warm blooded animals are.

d) Identify any examples of warm blooded animals

e)  Mention some examples.

Most interesting news came up when Yowasi mentioned on Friday morning on an assembly.

“Dear pupils and staff, I am privileged to inform you that the UK Border Agency as promised to grant us visas.” Said Yowasi “and we have suggested to have our flight on 24th  Feb.” he added.

Both pupils and staff were very happy to hear the good news of the long awaited action to have come true.

Thanks very much every one who has worked had for our trip becoming a reality.

Till next time

Love and best wishes from Kafuro Primary School.





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