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Warm greetings to our good friends at Kafuro Primary School. Thank you for your blog post last week. Mr Stanley and Mrs Green are incredibly excited about being received in Uganda, the pearl of Africa. We cannot wait to come and work with our good friends at Kafuro Primary School again. We are also praying that Kafuro goes one better this year and wins the Conservation Cup.

In answer to your questions. Tag Rugby is taught as part of the PE curriculum at Liss Junior School. Years 3 & 4 take part in a competition with other local schools once a year, but it isn’t on the scale of the Conservation Cup.

We are more than happy to share ideas with the writers club at Kafuro. Mr Stanley will email Yowasi with some suggestions.

Mr Stanley shared the photos of the new classrooms being built at a school assembly; the children are delighted at the progress made. We hope that by the time Mr Stanley visits Kafuro even further progress will be made.

And now to news of what is happening at Liss Junior School. On this week every year, the Year 6 classes go on residential to Calshot, which is an activity centre about 50 miles away from Liss. The children stay for 4 days and three nights and undertake a range of fun activities. Today, a big coach came and picked up 56 children and 8 members of staff. The journey took an hour and 45 minutes, but we arrived at Calshot in good time. The weather in the UK is very hot at the moment, in fact it is hotter than Kasese (Yowasi might need to sit down after reading this) so it was just as well that the children had activities today which included kayaking, sailing, skiing and shooting. All the children are really enjoying themselves and eating plenty of good food with the meals provided.

We have attached some photos of a group of children skiing on a dry ski slope. We will post each day this week to share some of the other fun activities that the children have experienced.

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