Children at Kafuro Primary School have been playing Top trumps during break time, the game that was designed by their friends at Liss Junior School about great Olympians in the UK.

Class Primary Six is the one joining Primary Seven [Mr. Byaruhanga Yowasi’s class] next year after passing their exams that will be done as end of term exams.

I must start with our last time promise as it was discussed by pupil in Primary six class.

As seen below,


We feel good for the pupils at Liss managed to get the correct and true facts about the Uganda National Flag.

Now we bring to you more about the Coat of Arms.

Children were organized in groups of five fives and each group was given to discuss two symbols and the results were as indicated below.


  1. Shield and Spears.

These represent defense and protection of national integrity.

  1. The black colour. This represents the Black African races of which Ugandan are one.
  2. The Sun. This representsUganda’s tropical situation and climate
  3. The Drum. Is a symbol of communication
  4. The crested Crane is Uganda’s national emblem
  5. The Ugandan Kob is associated with Uganda’s wild life
  6. Green hills represent the typical scenery with the River Nile flowing through them.
  7. Cotton and Coffee are the traditional cash crops of the Agricultural economy.
  8. The motto “For my God and my Country” show that Uganda is a God fearing country and its people are religious.


It was great to see Tom and Sophie extremely smart in Kafuro PS uniform. It was really amazing and we look forward to do the same with Liss uniform.


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