Liss children receive letters from Kafuro

There was great excitement this morning as children across Liss Junior School received letters from their friends at Kafuro Primary School. Mr Stanley visited each class and gave letters to each teacher. The children enjoyed reading the letters and it was good to find out that the solar panels and the library books are having such an impact at Kafuro. The children were also very interested to hear about the games that children at Kafuro play; for example, volleyball is not a game that most children play until they reach secondary school.

Another subject that had our children interested was finding out about the pets children have in Kafuro. Many of our children have dogs or cats and a good number have chickens, but goats were not on the list.

Mrs Green and Mr Stanley hope to bring some replies when they visit at the end of July (they booked their flights last night) and the children are looking forward to writing letters.

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