Kafuro Update: November 2013

Hello our friends at Liss junior school and the Twinning project in UK.
We are feeling good that we can have time to say hello to you.
We are very ok, only that we have been very busy as it has been the case with third term as most of us (mainly candidate class teachers) work very hard to finally prepare the students for their final examinations.
We are preparing to have our end of term speech day at school as pupils have already finished their examinations and reports are already done.
I am happy to mention that we are seriously going on with rehearsals preparing for the big day in school.

More information to come up.

In the twinning project; we have successfully organised a twinned teachers meeting which was held in Mahyoro Primary School.
I am grateful to the staff and the entire Mahyoro PS community for having hosted us. Thanks Ronie for all.

I am blessed today that I participated in the nutrition marathon to improve nutrition in our region as most of the children are malnulrished yet we hold the country granary of Uganda.
I got a chance to congratulate Stephen Kiprotich (Olympic and World Marathon Champion) for all he has been doing to put Uganda on the World map.
We shared some ideas as he also told me that he is also interested in dealing with the young generation as they are the pillars of the future world.

Yowasi with Olympic and World Marathon Champion, Steven Kiprotich

Yowasi with Olympic and World Marathon Champion, Steven Kiprotich

Thanks our good friends for the strong strong hearts.


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  1. Kath Miles says:

    You all look very busy in the photo’s. It was great to see how things look in Uganda. Happy New Year to you all.

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