Kafuro Primary School Third Term Update 1 – Bees and Harvesting

School was supposed to resume on Monday 16/9/2013.With few children and very few teachers who were on strike due to less payment.
Today was full of mainly cleaning of the schools as most of the classes were in need of cleaning as they have not been used since the school started. This did not apply to our class P.7.
In our last term as we were guided by our teacher Yowasi and the wildlife members, we were to find out ways how we can improve the importance of bees as our proposed project. As pupils of primary seven and we were divided into groups and were to do personal research and submit it at the beginning of our third term.
The activities including the following;
1. Draw simple maps of areas where bees for installing in our hives can be found and located.
2. Explain areas in Kafuro were our bees can get their surprise like water and nectar.
3. What could be the dangers of bees to the community and the school, [people in the garden]
4. How will the school and the community benefit from bee keeping.
5. Discuss more importance of bees to both the community and the school.
6. Research on areas where we can get more bees to colonise our hives.
All the above was to be presented at the beginning of third term as the topic and project was introduced as we almost went for our holiday.
This week and next week we have to present all our finds to the leaders of our groups for our final finds to be published soon.
We were amazed by the news that in the third week of third term we were to harvest our potatoes. This was the idea that I have waited a long time to arrive as it kept tickling my minds.
Today I was very happy as our teacher Yowasi, who heads most projects in the school, announced plans to plant carrots now as we had studied about crop rotation in our class and we are on our third stage of our planned rotation. The garden has helped us to study how plants grow and the good practices that plants need to grow well.
In order for plants to  for plants to grow well they need the following:
Effects on plants which can prevent growth:
Drought like on our sweet potatoes.
Pests and diseases.
And other factors like floods,
I must mention that our plant harvest is expected not so great due to long drought that struck the village at Kafuro and other neighbouring communities.
We hope to harvest in the next week.
We have liked the harvests that the gardening club at Liss have produced. Bravo our friends.
We shall also show you what we shall harvested.
Some questions for our friends at Liss.
1. In Uganda, we have our traditional foods according to locality and tribes, What foods are commonly used by the people around and in Liss community?
2. In some traditions, people here eat specific foods according to time of the day, What foods do you eat at lunch time and specify foods mainly eaten for super?
3. Chips and fish were Yowasi’s favourite food when he was in England, this was because his cultural food is Fish and millet bread. Could there be one of the teachers in Liss whose tradition has got a cultural food? And what could it be?
Hope to hear from our friends at Liss very soon.
Written by Edrine Kathungu.

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