Talking about the Weekend

Since our arrival on Friday, finding the temperature to be in Negative five from the Ugandan temperatures that were in 28 degrees Celsius.
We have been under good care and everybody was prepared for our arrival.
I am humbled to mention that Mr. and Mrs Negus (Andrew and Teresa) have done a great job to care for Yowasi who is living with them at the moment and also to mention is Rebecca and Ian Buckle who have taken care of our teacher Mrs Natumanya Molly.
Most interesting is that they constructed a new room for me and it is named after me since I am the first person to sleep and use the room.
That very room is called “Yowasi’s Suite” and they are printing a piece of marking to identify it as being special for me and can always use it whenever Yowasi is in England.

Back to what has been occurring,
Last Saturday was also another good day that we had to visit the park where we started with a tour around the park. Spruce and other weather resistant trees appeared green and the broad leaved trees appeared to be drying out due to the strong winter. it was really nice to be at the park only that they were hit by a storm that had to claim some tree. Afterwards we had a meeting at Bottom Cottage and had several things to eat.
On the menu my service was not put on the table and Yowasi had to gear up Adam his link teacher Liss Junior school to go in the kitchen while on a visit bring water for Yowasi as it was the only thing he needed to drink.
Molly as the co visitor had several cakes and tea, on chatting together with her co visitor then her comment was that the tea was very strong.

On Sunday morning, Yowasi was waken by the bells that went ding dong and so on in the village and Andrew said they were only inviting only the faithful to Church.
I had to get on doing the work that need the most experience and a good morning blessing when you do it right and that is making the Millet flour porridge.
It all went very well and I knew a good day was in front of me.

After  porridge I had to join Andrew Negus who is a good story teller about the History of Portsmouth which is the best ever town in England where their Navy have done all sorts of Evil and Good to for the benefit of their country after long troubles of the Romans who gave England headache and then they were also English.
God saved them when unknown woman produced Nelson who used the Victory boat to have the French cleared and to be brief, England have had peace since then.
It only then concentrated on disturbing other countries copying the bad habits from France and Italy.
Out trip to Portsmouth really went very well having looked at different historical material in the history of England as a country
Hope to keep updating you briefly and then a lot to the children at Bukorwe and all our Twinned schools in Uganda

With special greetings from my country
Hope you enjoy reading the Blog

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