Ugandan resource boxes

In Class AS this week we have been beginning to look at conservation, in particular how we could conserve the resources we have at the school. The children toured the school and wrote down all the things they feel could be improved prior to writing a report next week.


We also had a look at the contents of our Ugandan boxes. Mr Stanley, Mrs Buckle (Clanfield)  and Mrs Johnson (Hartplain) used some of the money raised by the children to buy artefacts from Uganda. The children particularly liked the Kafuro school uniform and Tom and Sophie modelled them for the class. George particularly liked an exam paper written in the local language and he is going to ask Yowasi to teach him this so he can attempt the exam.

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  1. yowasi says:

    Hello Adam,
    What fantastic Blogs!!!!!
    Children at Kafuro PS were very excited looking at Sophie and Tom putting on their school uniform. This has brought to reality that Liss school is real a sister school to Kafuro PS.

    Denis one of the pupil congratulated Sophie and Tom for being the first Liss pupils to wear Kafuro PS uniform and commented that when Mr. Byaruhanga comes over and brings uniforms from Liss he begs for the opportunity to put it on before any other pupil at Kafuro school.

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