Moris’ first blog with discussion question for class MG Liss JS

This week at Kafuro Primary school we have been studying about Soil as our new topic, And here are some of the questions that we shall been discussing through out this week week and next week.

I therefore send them to my twinned class MG at Liss school for more discussion and their answers will be compered to our class P.6 answers


What is soil?

Name the types of soil.

Discuss ways how soil is formed?

Mention components of soil.

Write the importance of soil.

Discuss ways how soil loses its fertility.

Define soil erosion?

Write the agents of soil erosion.

Mention the causes of soil erosion.

Discus the type of soil erosion.

Identify some of the toxic materials that affect the soil?

Discuss the effect of harm full materials in the soil

What is soil conservation?

Discus ways of soil conservation.

Happy discussion

Posted by Moris class teacher P.6

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  1. astanleyadmin says:

    Welcome to the blog Moris and Class P6. It’s good to have you posting on the blog for the first time. Half of Class MG are on a residential trip, but I’m sure that they will be responding to your questions next week.

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