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Today was another special day at Kafuro Primary school as students in class Seven had to guide other classes with their the help of different clas teachers to deliver a conservative way of using resources.
This was very much motivative and yet colour full as it involved making use of the parts or wholly the materials that were once important and are no longer used for the first function.
The materials that were identified by different pupil groups included paper, poly then bags/papers, some breeks that were laying in the school compound and many more materials.
In this the learner were able to make ropes for skipping using the old polythen this would keep polythens for other more time instead of it being dropped onto the ground that would cause land degradation which reduces fertility hence lack of food in our communities.
Plastic bottles were used to carry out an experiment about crop germination by Primary six with their science teacher and that one will be observed continuously to even observed growth movements called tropism.
In Addition to all the day activities used reads from the local environment to build a castle door and now the corrected materials are more safe than any last time when the castle had no door.
In other activities, primary seven had to Carryout a file cleanup where by they had to remove some of the passed papers that they no longer need to be added to thethe the class reading corners for the lower classes which would help others to do more revision.
We would like to ask our friends at Liss how they use old and other materials like plastics to avoid them being in their compound and protect the environment.
Do you also carry out agriculture that you need your soil to remain fertile?
How long will this term be for you??

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