A Liss view of rivers and settlements

Many thanks once again to our friends in Kafuro for their definition of what is a river and what is needed for a settlement. Some of the children have attempted the same exercise and their findings are published below:

What makes a good settlement?

Definition of a river: a natural wide flow of fresh water across the land into the sea, a lake, or another river.

What a good settlement needs


You need to always find water– preferably near a well or spring as it will be cleaner because it will not have picked up dirt from the bottom of the river and there will be no waste in it.

You need to be on high ground -so if any enemies or unwelcome people come you would have a better chance of stopping them invading/breaking into your settlement.

You need to be near trees/forests -for fuel, weapons, building and hunting.

Also you need fertile land -so you can grow crops.

By Archie S

What a settlement needs

A settlement needs-

A river

Fertile land

Shelter (trees)

High ground

A river

A river is needed in a settlement to provide water to survive on, it can also be used for personal hygiene and washing. It is better to get drinking and cleaning water from the top (the spring) as then it will be cleaner. A river is useful for food as it may sometimes have fish in it.

Fertile land

Fertile land is useful for growing crops as it is soft and easy to dig. It has loads of moisture in it, this helps the crops grow. The soil provides minerals for the crops and helps them get the nutrition needed to grow. It also has a lot of topsoil which has the most microorganisms.


You need shelter to protect you from extreme weather conditions such as really hot sun (shelter is good as it keeps the sun of you) or rain (this is good because the rain falls on the leaves protecting it from you) trees are a form of shelter and are good for making fires and warmth. Trees also produce fresh air and food for animals and humans.

High Ground

High ground is useful for protection from enemies and threatening animals.  It can also protect you from dangerous floods. If you are at the top of the hill you will normally be near spring which produces clean water.

By Molly, Kayleigh & Jasmin

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