Cob Oven Cooking

On Monday, we used our cob oven to bake pizzas and garlic bread. We have been growing our own garlic over the past few months. It was now time to harvest some of it and learn how to use it in our baking. We prepared our pizzas and garlic bread in the kitchen, whilst Mr Haycock had lit the fire to warm up the cob oven. After lunch, the cob oven was hot enough and the fire had burned down to glowing embers, ready to put our pizzas in to bake. They only took a few minutes to bake which surprised us how fast the cob oven could cook our food.

Once we had finished all our cooking, we took our pizzas and garlic bread back to our classroom for the taste test! They were delicious. We thought about how we might choose different ingredients next time if we were to bake pizzas again. We wondered if our pizzas tasted all the better for being baked in our cob oven that we loved and enjoyed using so much!

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